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University Policies

University Policies

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01 Executive Management

01.01 University Policy/Procedure

UPPS 01.01.01 University Policy and Procedure Statement System [Word]
UPPS 01.01.05 Councils, Committees, and Teams [Word]

01.02 Governing Board

UPPS 01.02.01 Foundation Reports to the Board of Regents [Word]

01.03 Planning

UPPS 01.03.01 Space Management [Word]
UPPS 01.03.02 University Construction Policy [Word]
UPPS 01.03.04 Outcomes Assessment for Continuous Improvement [Word]
UPPS 01.03.05 Administrative Surveys [Word]

01.04 Legal Issues

UPPS 01.04.01 Claims Against the University [Word]
UPPS 01.04.02 Ethics Policy [Word]
UPPS 01.04.04 Opening Meetings of University Committees to Members of the Press and Public [Word]
UPPS 01.04.05 Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 [Word]
UPPS 01.04.06 Legal Resources for Advisors to Student Organizations [Word]
UPPS 01.04.10 Registration, Control, and Marketing of University Symbols [Word]
UPPS 01.04.11 Guidelines for Use of Texas State Logo, System Statement, Board of Regents List, and Equal Opportunity Statement [Word]
UPPS 01.04.12 Designation of Official Texas State Stationery [Word]
UPPS 01.04.13 Policy Guidelines for the Use of Texas State Equipment by Outside Entities [Word]
UPPS 01.04.14 Display of National and State Flags [Word]
UPPS 01.04.26 Intellectual Property: Inventions, Discoveries and Patents (IDP) [Word]
UPPS 01.04.27 Intellectual Property: Ownership and Use of Copyrighted Works [Word]
UPPS 01.04.30 Release of Information Pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act [Word]
UPPS 01.04.31 Access to Student Records Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 [Word]
UPPS 01.04.32 University Records Management [Word]
UPPS 01.04.40 Reporting Criminal Offenses [Word]
UPPS 01.04.45 Concealed Carry of Handguns by License Holders on University Premises [Word]

02 Academic Administration

02.01 Instruction

UPPS 02.01.02 International Inter-Institutional Agreement Policy and Procedures [Word]
UPPS 02.01.10 Fee Reduction for Thesis or Dissertation [Word]
UPPS 02.01.12 Tuition and Fees Refund Appeal Policy [Word]

02.02 Research

UPPS 02.02.01 Applying for Sponsored Programs [Word]
UPPS 02.02.02 Sponsored Programs -- Post Award [Word]
UPPS 02.02.03 Protection of Human Research Subjects [Word]
UPPS 02.02.05 Animal Care and Use Policy [Word]
UPPS 02.02.06 Research Advances and Payments to Human Subjects [Word]
UPPS 02.02.07 Researcher Conflicts of Interest in Research and Sponsored Program Activities [Word]
UPPS 02.02.08 Conflicts of Commitment in Research and Sponsored Program Activities [Word]
UPPS 02.02.09 Email Recruiting of Research Participants [Word]
UPPS 02.02.10 Export Control Laws and Regulations [Word]

02.03 Public Service

UPPS 02.03.01 Honorary Doctoral Degrees [Word]

02.04 Academic Support

UPPS 02.04.01 The University Star and KTSW Policies and Procedures [Word]

02.06 Academic Calendar

UPPS 02.06.01 Student Absences for Religious Holy Days [Word]
UPPS 02.06.03 Excused Absence Policy Related to University-Sponsored Events [Word]

03 Fiscal Operations

03.01 Accounting

UPPS 03.01.02 Documenting Expenditures of Unrestricted Gift Funds [Word]
UPPS 03.01.03 Purchase of Awards, Flowers, Food, or Refreshments [Word]
UPPS 03.01.05 University Income Recognition and Associated Cash-Handling Procedures [Word]
UPPS 03.01.06 Students' Financial Responsibilities [Word]
UPPS 03.01.09 Fiscal Responsibilities of Account Managers at Texas State [Word]
UPPS 03.01.10 Student Organization Accounting System [Word]
UPPS 03.01.11 Employee Financial Obligations [Word]
UPPS 03.01.12 Use of Courtesy Vehicles and Vehicle Allowances Provided by the University [Word]
UPPS 03.01.13 Tuition Rebate Program [Word]
UPPS 03.01.14 SAP Financial Accounting System Access Privileges [Word]
UPPS 03.01.15 Agency Funds [Word]
UPPS 03.01.16 Petty Cash and Change Funds [Word]
UPPS 03.01.17 Undergraduate Excessive Hours Fee [Word]
UPPS 03.01.18 Purchase of Alcohol [Word]

03.02 Budgeting

UPPS 03.02.01 Reserves, Carry-Forwards, and Over-Expenditures [Word]
UPPS 03.02.03 Student Service Fee Committee and Other Compulsory Student Fee Committees [Word]
UPPS 03.02.04 Budget Planning and Monitoring for Income-Generating Accounts [Word]
UPPS 03.02.05 Higher Education Funds (HEF) [Word]
UPPS 03.02.10 Budgeting for Strategic Planning Priorities [Word]

03.04 Contract & Grant Administration

UPPS 03.04.01 Contracted Services, Including Consultants, Speakers, and Other Services [Word]
UPPS 03.04.02 Contracting Authority [Word]
UPPS 03.04.04 Processing, Approving, and Executing Contracts, Purchases, and Agreements [Word]
UPPS 03.04.05 Facilities and Administration Costs (F&A or Indirect) [Word]
UPPS 03.04.06 Nonresident Alien - Honorarium and Contracted Services Payments [Word]
UPPS 03.04.07 Interagency or Interlocal Cooperation Contracts or Agreements [Word]
UPPS 03.04.09 Research Service Centers [Word]

03.05 Development

UPPS 03.05.01 Soliciting, Accepting and Processing Gifts and Grants from Private Sources [Word]
UPPS 03.05.02 Use and Release of Donor Information [Word]

03.06 Fundraising

UPPS 03.06.01 Off-Campus Solicitation by Registered and Chartered Student Organizations [Word]

03.07 Investments

UPPS 03.07.01 Acceptance & Sale of Marketable Securities [Word]

04 General Administrative Services

04.01 Computing Services

UPPS 04.01.01 Security of Texas State Information Resources [Word]
UPPS 04.01.02 Information Resources Identity and Access Management [Word]
UPPS 04.01.03 Computer Equipment Repair Service [Word]
UPPS 04.01.05 Network Use Policy [Word]
UPPS 04.01.06 University Websites [Word]
UPPS 04.01.07 Appropriate Use of Information Resources [Word]
UPPS 04.01.08 Texas State Internet Domain Name Policy [Word]
UPPS 04.01.09 Server Management Policy [Word]

04.02 Administrative Information Processing

UPPS 04.02.01 Obtaining Technology Resources' Systems and Services [Word]
UPPS 04.02.03 System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methodology and Project Management Practices [Word]
UPPS 04.02.05 Data Governance Program [Word]

04.03 Auditing, Internal & External

UPPS 04.03.01 Audits and Analysis [Word]
UPPS 04.03.02 Gifts from University Funds [Word]
UPPS 04.03.03 External Audits and Auditors [Word]

04.04 Employee Personnel and Records

UPPS 04.04.01 Miscellaneous Human Resources Policies and Procedures [Word]
UPPS 04.04.02 Staff Handbook [Word]
UPPS 04.04.03 Staff Employment [Word]
UPPS 04.04.04 Affirmative Action/Recruitment Plan [Word]
UPPS 04.04.06 Outside Employment and Activities [Word]
UPPS 04.04.07 Nepotism and Related Employment [Word]
UPPS 04.04.08 Determining Contract Labor and Independent Contractor Status [Word]
UPPS 04.04.09 Volunteers Resources [Word]
UPPS 04.04.11 University Classification and Compensation [Word]
UPPS 04.04.12 Pay Above Base Annual Salary for Staff [Word]
UPPS 04.04.14 Staff Reduction in Force [Word]
UPPS 04.04.15 New Employee Welcome - Staff [Word]
UPPS 04.04.16 Overtime and Compensatory Time Policy [Word]
UPPS 04.04.17 Staff Background Checks [Word]
UPPS 04.04.18 Drug Testing for Non-Faculty Employees [Word]
UPPS 04.04.20 Staff Performance Appraisal Policy [Word]
UPPS 04.04.22 Hiring Temporary Workers through Temporary Personnel Service Providers [Word]
UPPS 04.04.30 University Leave Policy [Word]
UPPS 04.04.32 Texas State Wellness Program Resources [Word]
UPPS 04.04.33 Recognition Programs [Word]
UPPS 04.04.35 Professional Development and Educational Opportunities [Word]
UPPS 04.04.36 The Mariel M. Muir Excellence In Mentoring Awards [Word]
UPPS 04.04.37 The Excellence in Diversity Awards [Word]
UPPS 04.04.38 The Texas State University System (TSUS) Regents' Staff Member Award [Word]
UPPS 04.04.39 Consensual Relationships [Word]
UPPS 04.04.40 Disciplining and Terminating Staff Employees [Word]
UPPS 04.04.41 Staff Employee Mediation and Grievance Policy [Word]
UPPS 04.04.43 Workers' Compensation Injuries, Illnesses and Claims [Word]
UPPS 04.04.44 Employees with Serious Illnesses [Word]
UPPS 04.04.45 Drug-Free Workplace [Word]
UPPS 04.04.46 Prohibition of Discrimination [Word]
UPPS 04.04.48 Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act [Word]
UPPS 04.04.50 Separation of Employment and Interdepartmental Transfers [Word]
UPPS 04.04.51 Phased Retirement Plan for Faculty [Word]
UPPS 04.04.52 Retirement Programs [Word]
UPPS 04.04.53 Honors and Benefits for Retired Faculty and Staff [Word]
UPPS 04.04.54 Years of Service Awards and Retired Faculty and Staff Events [Word]
UPPS 04.04.55 Recognition of Faculty and Staff Organizations [Word]
UPPS 04.04.60 Workplace Accommodation [Word]
UPPS 04.04.61 Mother-Friendly Worksite Program [Word]

04.05 Environmental Health and Safety

UPPS 04.05.02 Tobacco Policy [Word]
UPPS 04.05.14 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Unmanned Aircraft and Model Aircraft) Operation Policy [Word]
UPPS 04.05.15 Public Safety and Health [Word]
UPPS 04.05.16 Campus Stormwater Management [Word]
UPPS 04.05.20 Workplace Violence [Word]

05 Logistical Services

05.01 Material Management

UPPS 05.01.01 Texas State University Property and Equipment [Word]
UPPS 05.01.02 University Surplus Property (Equipment and Consumable Supplies) [Word]
UPPS 05.01.20 Abandoned and Unclaimed Property [Word]

05.02 Purchasing

UPPS 05.02.02 Texas State Purchasing Policy [Word]
UPPS 05.02.04 Texas State Historically Underutilized Business Outreach Program (HUB-OP) [Word]
UPPS 05.02.05 Texas State Procurement Training and Certification Requirements [Word]
UPPS 05.02.06 Acquisition of Information Technology Products and Services [Word]

05.03 Service Departments

UPPS 05.03.01 Operating Guidelines for University Food Service [Word]
UPPS 05.03.02 Catered Events [Word]
UPPS 05.03.03 Alcoholic Beverage Policy and Procedure [Word]
UPPS 05.03.10 Texas State Telephone Services [Word]
UPPS 05.03.11 Wireless Cellular Communication Services [Word]
UPPS 05.03.20 Office Photocopy Equipment Services [Word]

05.04 Security

UPPS 05.04.01 Releasing Information Contained in University Police Department Records [Word]
UPPS 05.04.02 Closing the Campus Because of Weather or Other Emergencies [Word]
UPPS 05.04.03 Emergency Operations [Word]
UPPS 05.04.04 Texas State Security Alarm Systems [Word]
UPPS 05.04.05 Video Documentation and Surveillance Systems [Word]

05.05 Transportation

UPPS 05.05.02 Driver Selection [Word]
UPPS 05.05.03 Fleet Management Plan [Word]
UPPS 05.05.04 15-Passenger Vans Health, Safety, and Risk Management [Word]

05.06 Travel

UPPS 05.06.02 Travel Policies Regarding University Representative Performance Organizations [Word]
UPPS 05.06.03 Student Travel [Word]
UPPS 05.06.04 Travel Advances [Word]

05.07 Parking

UPPS 05.07.01 Collecting Parking Violation Fees [Word]
UPPS 05.07.02 Parking and Transportation [Word]

06 Community Relations/Public Service

06.02 City/State Relationships

UPPS 06.02.01 Communication with Governmental Agencies [Word]

06.04 Institutional/Individual Memberships

UPPS 06.04.01 Memberships in Professional Organizations [Word]

06.05 Public Information

UPPS 06.05.01 Initiating and Producing Publications [Word]
UPPS 06.05.02 Responding to Media Inquiries [Word]

07 Student Services

07.02 Athletics and Recreation

UPPS 07.02.02 Campus Recreation Advisory Council [Word]

07.03 Housing

UPPS 07.03.01 Operating Guidelines for Student Housing [Word]
UPPS 07.03.02 Scheduling of University Housing Facilities for Camps, Conferences, and Other Activities and Uses [Word]

07.04 Public Ceremonies/Activities

UPPS 07.04.02 Posting/Distribution of Literature, Informational Booths & Banners on Campus [Word]
UPPS 07.04.03 Solicitation on Campus [Word]
UPPS 07.04.05 Assembly Activities Involving Amplified Sound, Exhibits, and Erecting Symbolic Structures [Word]
UPPS 07.04.10 Guidelines for Alcohol or Tobacco Sponsorship [Word]

07.07 Financial Aid Administration

UPPS 07.07.01 Satisfactory Academic Progress for Undergraduate Students on Financial Aid [Word]
UPPS 07.07.02 Satisfactory Academic Progress for Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certificate Seeking Students On Financial Aid [Word]
UPPS 07.07.03 Student Employment Procedures [Word]
UPPS 07.07.04 Student Employee Termination and Grievance Procedure [Word]
UPPS 07.07.05 Emergency Loan Program (ELP) [Word]
UPPS 07.07.06 Salaried Graduate Student Employment [Word]
UPPS 07.07.07 Academic Progress for Students Seeking to Continue State Waiver and Exemption Awards [Word]

07.08 Student Admission and Records

UPPS 07.08.02 Voluntary Withdrawal of Students from the University [Word]
UPPS 07.08.03 Federally-Required Disclosures of Consumer Information [Word]

07.09 Health and Infirmary Services

UPPS 07.09.01 Management of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) on Campus [Word]
UPPS 07.09.04 International Student Health Insurance [Word]

07.10 Student Discipline/Legal Services

UPPS 07.10.01 Honor Code [Word]
UPPS 07.10.05 Behavior Assessment Team [Word]
UPPS 07.10.06 Procedures for Students Seeking Resolution or Reporting University- Related Complaints [Word]

07.11 Special Services

UPPS 07.11.01 Disability Services for Students [Word]

08 Facilities

08.01 Scheduling/Management of Facilities

UPPS 08.01.01 Scheduling of University Facilities [Word]
UPPS 08.01.02 Scheduling of Health & Human Performance, Athletics and Campus Recreation Facilities [Word]
UPPS 08.01.06 Student Recreation Center [Word]
UPPS 08.01.07 Sewell Park [Word]
UPPS 08.01.10 Scheduling of Evans Auditorium, University Theatre, and Glade Theatre Music [Word]
UPPS 08.01.12 Scheduling Facilities at Freeman Center [Word]
UPPS 08.01.13 Reservation Policies - LBJ Student Center & Student Center Mall [Word]
UPPS 08.01.15 Scheduling of J. C. Kellam Building 11th Floor (Reed Brantley Parr and Regents' Rooms) [Word]
UPPS 08.01.16 Facilities Leases [Word]
UPPS 08.01.20 Exterior Signage and Graphics Standards [Word]
UPPS 08.01.21 Service Vehicle Access to Bobcat Trail and the Academic Mall [Word]

08.02 Issuance of Keys

UPPS 08.02.01 Control of Keys to Facilities [Word]

08.03 Building Dedications/Naming, Etc.

UPPS 08.03.01 Criteria for Namings [Word]
UPPS 08.03.02 Building Dedications, Groundbreakings and Similar Events [Word]
UPPS 08.03.03 Campus Memorials [Word]
UPPS 08.03.04 Public Art and Memorials [Word]