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IT/PPS 04.04 - Recognition and Rewards Program

Recognition and Rewards Program

IT/PPS No. 04.04 (08.01.01)
Issue No. 6
Revised: 3/01/2019
Effective Date: 10/06/2017
Next Review Date: 3/01/2020 (EY)
Sr. Reviewer: Vice President for Information Technology


    1. This policy outlines the formal Information Technology (IT) recognition and reward program for departmental awards and the rules governing the program.

    2. This policy outlines the informal IT recognition and reward program known as the BRAVO Program and the rules governing the program.


    1. Unit awards are a formal means to recognize and celebrate individual and team contributions that enable the Division of IT to fulfill its mission.

    2. Award programs are managed by the unit. The vice president provides budgetary support for the awards.

    3. Awards are presented annually at the unit award ceremony.

    4. Members of IT Council are not eligible for individual awards.

    5. The vice president, associate, and assistant vice presidents, or equivalent, are not eligible to submit nominations.

    6. Staff are encouraged to submit nominations to other university awards programs (e.g., Quarterly Team Award, Employee of the Month, etc.).


    1. BRAVOs are daily informal recognitions from one employee to another.

    2. BRAVOs may be sent at any time and for any reason.

    3. Any Division of IT employee may send a BRAVO.

    4. Any Division of IT employee or student employee may receive a BRAVO.

    5. BRAVOs may be sent electronically by visiting the official BRAVO site.

    6. A prize drawing will be held quarterly for each month within that quarter.

    7. Those eligible for the drawing include everyone who has sent or received a BRAVO during the award period.

    8. If a student worker’s name is drawn first, that student will receive the grand prize. The drawing will then continue until a regular employee’s name is drawn. The regular employee will also receive a grand prize. An additional five names will be drawn. Those employees or student workers will receive a standard BRAVO prize (e.g., coffee mug).

    9. Grand prize recipients may select their prize from a list of university-supporting items or events. Each prize has a maximum value of $50.

    10. BRAVO winner information will be circulated to all regular Division of IT staff via the IT Community Staff Development Team.


    1. Reviewers of this PPS include the following:

      Position Date
      Vice President for Information Technology March 1 EY
      Assistant Vice President, IT Business Operations March 1 EY
      Assistant Vice President, IT Assistance Center March 1 EY
      Associate Vice President, Technology Innovation Office March 1 EY
      Associate Vice President, Technology Resources March 1 EY
      Associate Vice President and University Librarian March 1 EY
      Chief Information Security Officer March 1 EY
      Executive Assistant March 1 EY
      Special Assistant to the VPIT March 1 EY

    This PPS has been reviewed by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State Information Technology policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Vice President for Information Technology; senior reviewer of this PPS