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UPPS 08.01.01 - Scheduling of University Facilities

Scheduling of University Facilities

UPPS No. 08.01.01
Issue No. 5
Effective Date: 3/31/2010
Next Review Date: 6/01/2020 (E10Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Associate Vice President for Finance and Support Services Planning


    1. This UPPS establishes general policy regarding scheduling of university facilities, provides basic information about facilities available, and references policy and procedures statements of other departments or offices containing specific information for scheduling certain facilities.

    1. The term “facilities” applies to all real property under the legal university jurisdiction, including:

      1. Classrooms – any space which is regularly used for direct instruction of students (e. g., seminar rooms and laboratories);

      2. Residential Areas – any facility devoted to providing residence hall or apartment housing to university students, faculty, or staff;

      3. Offices – any space regularly assigned to employees for conduct of academic, administrative, or clerical work;

      4. Service Areas – any special facility utilized for public access to services other than direct instruction (e.g., Albert B. Alkek Library, J. C. Kellam, LBJ Student Center, University Performing Arts and Conference Center (UPACC), Evans Auditorium, Theatre Center);

      5. Work Areas – any facility utilized for normal university operations which is not generally open to the public (e. g., Utilities Station, Warehouse, Mail Room, Computing Center);

      6. Parking Areas – any space designated for regulated vehicle parking by employees, students, or campus visitors;

      7. Grounds – all remaining outdoor areas not included in categories defined above; and

      8. Other University Properties – properties away from the San Marcos campus but owned or managed by the university, including the Freeman Ranch, the University Camp, and the Round Rock Higher Education Center (RRHEC) campus.


    1. Final authority for scheduling and utilization of all university facilities rests with the president. The university will apply this UPPS consistently with the rules and regulations promulgated by the Board of Regents, The Texas State University System (System). Those preparing or revising the detailed policies mentioned below should direct special attention to the section of Chapter VII of Regents’ Rules that includes System regulations regarding the use of System facilities by component organizations and by outside groups, including political or religious organizations.

    2. List of scheduling policy and procedure statements and associated facilities:

      1. UPPS No. 08.01.02 – Scheduling of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Athletic and Campus Recreation Facilities which includes Jowers Center, Strahan auxiliary gymnasium, handball and racquetball courts, Jowers Field, Strahan Coliseum, Bobcat Stadium, University Camp, intramural fields, tennis courts, Aqua Sports Center gym and pool, and other athletic or campus recreation fields or facilities not listed separately below.

      2. UPPS No. 08.01.06 – Student Recreation Center

      3. UPPS No. 08.01.07 – Sewell Park

      4. UPPS No. 08.01.10 – Scheduling of Evans Auditorium, University Performing Arts and Conference Center, University Theatre, and Glade Theatre

      5. UPPS No. 08.01.12 – Management of Freeman Ranch Lodge

      6. UPPS No. 08.01.13 – Reservation Policies - LBJ Student Center and Student Center Mall

      7. UPPS No. 08.01.15 – Scheduling of 11th Floor J.C. Kellam (Reed Brantley Parr Room, JCK 1100 and Regents Room, JCK 1140, lobby area, kitchen and balconies)

      8. UPPS No. 07.03.02 – Scheduling of Residential Facilities for Special Activities

      9. UPPS No. 07.04.05 – Expressive Activities on Campus Grounds (includes Quad, grassy mall in front of the J.C. Kellam Administration Building, and paved mall area between Alkek Library and the LBJ Student Center)

      10. UPPS No. 05.07.02 – Parking and Transportation

      11. AA/PPS No. 08.01.11 – Scheduling the Conference Room at the Texas Rivers Center

    3. Designated schedulers for teaching theatres, auditoriums, conference and meeting rooms on campus are listed here.

    4. Other facilities not covered in separate policy and procedure statements and the designated scheduler include:

      1. Aquarena Center – River Systems Institute

      2. Classrooms – Registrar

      3. LBJ Student Center outside mall, covered patio, second floor paseo and lobby, and Quad – Campus Activities and Student Organizations in the LBJ Student Center

      4. Round Rock Higher Education Center (RRHEC) Campus

        1. Avery Building – RRHEC Director

        2. Nursing Building – Associate Dean and Director of Nursing

      5. Spaces assigned to departments, centers and colleges – Reservation requests should be directed to the department chair, center director or dean.

    5. In scheduling university facilities for official events, the departments and offices identified above have final approval authority. The affected vice presidents will resolve conflicts concerning priorities. Only the president or a designee may make exceptions to this provision. Any funds collected for auxiliary facility use will go to the appropriate income account for that facility. Exceptions to this provision may be made by the president or his or her designee.

    6. Contractual conditions relating to permissible assignment or scheduling may apply to facilities leased by or from the university. Those leasing space must secure approval through the appropriate administrative channels. The real estate specialist in the office of the vice president for Finance and Support Services handles leasing of university facilities. Any funds collected for leasing educational and general facilities (e.g., Alkek Teaching Theatre, Centennial Teaching Theatre, etc.) will go to the Miscellaneous Income account.

    7. Departments that administer facility reservations shall ascertain the reserving party’s need for outbound audio or video transmissions and consult with Technology Resources should there be such a need. To assure compliance with this provision, departments that administer building or room reservations should include the following (or similar) statement on all reservation applications and request forms: “Outbound streaming of audio or video is not permitted from this facility without advance notice and consultation. The reserving party declares that it DOES/DOES NOT (circle one) wish to stream audio or video from this facility.”

    8. Any person or organization that sponsors an on-campus event must obtain the prior written approval from the dean of Students or his or her designee for the sale, service or consumption of alcoholic beverages. The dean of Students has discretion to disapprove consumption of alcoholic beverages at any event. Please see UPPS No. 05.03.03, Alcoholic Beverage Policy and Procedure.


    1. Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:

      Position Date
      Associate Vice President for Finance and Support Services Planning June 1 E10Y

    This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Associate Vice President for Finance and Support Services Planning; senior reviewer of this UPPS

    Vice President for Finance and Support Services