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UPPS 04.04.02 - Staff Handbook

Staff Handbook

UPPS No. 04.04.02
Issue No. 10
Effective Date: 7/27/2021
Next Review Date: 6/01/2025 (E4Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Assistant Vice President for Human Resources


Texas State University is committed to maintaining a convenient guide to useful information about the university and its policies, the use of various services, and staff duties and responsibilities.


    1. This document establishes policies and procedures for the periodic review of the Staff Handbook.

    2. The purpose of the Staff Handbook is to provide staff employees with Texas State University’s personnel-related policies, procedures, and general information.


    1. Human Resources will post the Staff Handbook on its website and will continually update it with official changes in university policy, procedures, and other topics of interest approved for the Staff Handbook.

    2. All substantive changes to the Staff Handbook must be approved by The Texas State University System (TSUS) associate general counsel, then forwarded to the vice chancellor and general counsel of The TSUS for final approval.

    3. Contents for the Staff Handbook will consist of:

      1. information derived from official Texas State policies and procedures; and

      2. other general information items the President’s Cabinet, the vice president for Finance and Support Services, or the assistant vice president for Human Resources (AVPHR) determines would interest the staff.

    4. Staff may submit suggested changes for the Staff Handbook to the AVPHR at any time. The AVPHR, on an annual basis, will issue a general reminder to staff about this provision. The AVPHR will notify departments who have provided information already included in the Staff Handbook to review this information for accuracy and relevancy. Any suggested additions or changes are subject to approval, as provided in Sections 02.02 and 02.03 of this policy.


    1. Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:

      Position Date
      Assistant Vice President for Human Resources June 1 E4Y
      Chair, Staff Council June 1 E4Y

    This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedures from the date of this document until superseded.

    Assistant Vice President for Human Resources; senior reviewer of this UPPS

    Vice President for Finance and Support Services