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FSS/PPS 05.08 - Assignment and Use of 9-Digit Zip Codes

Assignment and Use of 9-Digit Zip Codes

FSS/PPS No. 05.08 (05.03.07)
Issue No. 6
Effective Date: 1/01/2015
Next Review Date: 9/01/2019 (E4Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Director, Auxiliary Services


    1. Texas State University main mailing address of 601 University Drive has been assigned a 9-digit zip codes by the U. S. Post Office in San Marcos. The present zip code, 78666, will serve as the basis for all 9-digit zip codes. Four additional numerals added to make up the 9-digit zip code are 4684. ZIP codes are constantly changing to serve a rapidly growing population. For the most accurate and up-to-date list, please visit the official website.

    1. To assist in identifying the department within Texas State University, the USPS has developed internal Mail Stop Codes.

      Texas State on-campus Mail Stop Codes

      Below is an example of how to use your Mail Stop Code in your address:

      Texas State University
      Admissions Office
      MSC 5709
      601 University Dr
      San Marcos, TX 78666-4684

      Several departments on the TX State campus have been assigned a Mail Stop Code. When providing senders with your campus address, please refer to the following list.

      Location Mail Stop Code
      Admissions Office 5709
      Advance Registration 4601
      Alumni Affairs 5723
      Alkek Library 4604
      Athletics 4611
      General Accounting Office 4603
      Graduate Office 4605
      Media Relations and Publications 4613
      Registrar’s Office 4606
      Residence Life 4609
      Strahan Coliseum Ticket Office 4614
      Student Financial Aid Office 4602
      University Bookstore 4608
      Texas Crime Prevention Institute 4610
      University Advancement 4612
    2. The San Marcos Post Office has issued the following locations a physical street address and a different 4-digit add-on zip code.

      1. Admissions Office
        429 N. Guadalupe Street
        Texas State University
        San Marcos, TX 78666-5709

      2. Materials Management and Logistics
        305 River Ridge Parkway
        Texas State University
        San Marcos, TX 78666-4616
        (For Freight Delivery Only)

      3. Accounts Payable
        P. O. Box 747
        Texas State University
        San Marcos, TX 78667-0747

      4. Residence halls as shown below:

        Residence hall Street address Zip code
        Arnold Hall 102 Student Center 78666-4549
        Beretta Hall 616 N. LBJ Drive 78666-4668
        Bexar Hall 100 Llano Circle 78666-3327
        Blanco Hall 701 Moore Street 78666-3331
        Brogdon Hall 607 N. Edward Gary Street 78666-4669
        Burleson Hall 104 Russell Circle 78666-4553
        Butler Hall 500 N. Edward Gary Street 78666-4669
        College Inn 714 Comanche Street 78666-3442
        Elliott Hall 201 Talbot 78666-4539
        Falls Hall 300 Concho Street 78666-4672
        Hornsby Hall 102 Russell Circle 78666-4535
        Jackson Hall 702 Tomas Rivera 78666-4538
        Lantana Hall 501 N. Edward Gary Street 78666-4673
        Laurel Hall 600 N. LBJ Drive 78666-4674
        Retama Hall 611 N. LBJ Drive 78666-4534
        San Marcos Hall 703 Academy 78666-3322
        San Jacinto Hall 217 W. Woods 78666-4746
        San Saba Hall 801 Moore Street 78666-3332
        Smith Hall 101 Russell Circle 78666-4543
        Sterry Hall 200 Concho Street 78666-4675
        The Tower 101 W. Woods Street 78666-4555
    3. It will be the responsibility of the department/office administrative head to initiate appropriate actions to include the 9-digit zip code on department/office letterhead, envelopes, and other material requiring the institution’s address.


    1. Reviewers of this PPS include the following:

      Position Date
      Director, Auxiliary Services September 1 E4Y

    This PPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State Finance and Support Services policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Director, Auxiliary Services; senior reviewer of this PPS

    Vice President for Finance and Support Services