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FSS/PPS 01.01 - Policy and Procedure Statement System

Policy and Procedure Statement System

FSS/PPS No. 01.01 (01.01.01)
Issue No. 9
Effective Date: 11/20/2015
Next Review Date: 6/01/2019 (E4Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Executive Assistant


    1. This system provides a standard format for defining and communicating Finance and Support Services (FSS) Policy and Procedure Statements (PPS). The system provides a mean of review and revision to assure that FSS policies and procedures reflect current practices.

    2. FSS/PPS statements are related to the Finance and Support Services Division and may also affect other parts of the university.


    1. The PPS System is established under the general authority of the Vice President for Finance and Support Services (VPFSS), the chief financial officer of the University. Further specific authority to establish policy system for the division is granted in section 05 of the UPPS No. 01.01.01, Policy and Procedure Statement System.

    2. At any time a conflict should occur between an FSS/PPS and policy as reflected in documents of a higher authority (i.e., federal law, state law, Coordinating Board policy, Regents Rules, etc.) the policy as outlined in the document of higher authority would prevail. At any time a conflict should occur between policies of Texas State/UPPSs and divisional policy statements, the policy of the Texas State/UPPS will prevail.


    1. FSS/PPSs are issued at the discretion and subject to the final approval of the Vice President for Finance and Support Services.

    2. A proposed PPS is developed following consultation with the VPFSS or the request of the VPFSS. In any case, the PPS review process begins when a draft PPS is submitted to the VPFSS.

    3. The VPFSS will review the draft PPS and may recommend revisions prior to the general review of the Business Services Council (BSC).

    4. Possible modifications based on those comments received by BSC members with the final review and approval of the VPFSS.

    5. If the VPFSS determines that circumstances require the immediate implementation of a PPS, the VP may waive any or all the steps above and approve a PPS. Such approval authorizes immediate implementation of the policy.


    1. All FSS/PPSs will consist of the following sections:

      Section Description
      Header Name, revised date, number, issue number, reviewer, effective date, and review date
      Policy Statement Purpose of policy
      Definitions If necessary
      Procedures for Tells how to proceed
      Reviewers Lists individuals responsible for review
      Certification Signature of reviewer and vice president
      Attachments If any
    2. The heading of FSS/PPSs will be similar to the heading of this PPS. Draft PPSs will bear the designation “DRAFT” on the top right hand corner of the first page as well as the date of the draft.

    3. The first section of each PPS should present a brief rationale for the policy.

    4. Subsequent sections of the PPS should, in numbered paragraphs, provide the specific details of the policy or procedure.

    5. The next to the last numbered section will be titled “Major Responsibilities Associated With This PPS,” and will list all initial responsibilities by position, section number, and the date of such responsibility. The following guidelines should be followed in developing this section:

      1. PPSs will be formally reviewed at least once every five years. Certain PPSs may require more frequent reviews. When the review occurs every other year, “ONY” or “ENY” (odd-numbered or even-numbered year) should be designated along with the date column. When the review occurs every fourth year, “E4Y-03” (every fourth year beginning 2003) should be designated along with the date column.

      2. “On Demand” and “Weekly” responsibilities will not be listed.

      3. Actions which need to be accomplished “Quarterly,” “Annually,” and “Monthly” need exact months and days.

    6. The final section of the PPS consists of the Certification of Statement. This section will contain the names and titles of those in the approval chain.


    1. Any person or office may originate a FSS Policy and Procedure Statement through established administrative channels.

    2. FSS/PPSs will be issued in a form similar to this PPS and will be numbered consecutively within categories as described.

      First Two Digits of Number Category Description
      01 Executive Management
      02 Academic Administration
      03 Fiscal Operations
      04 General Administrative Services
      05 Logistical Services
      06 Community Relations/Public
      07 Student Services
      08 Facilities
    3. The Executive Assistant of the Finance and Support Services Division will oversee the operation of the FSS/PPS system. Duties will include systematic filing of PPSs, new issues, page revisions, memorandum detailing pen and ink changes, maintaining an FSS/PPS index and overseeing the posting of PPSs on the FSS web page.

    4. Proposed FSS/PPSs (01.xx thru 08.xx) will be routed for approval through administrative channels to the Vice President for Finance and Support Services. Upon final approval by the VPFSS, the Executive Assistant will issue the FSS/PPS. In addition, the final document will be available via the VPFSS webpage.


    1. The VPFSS Executive Assistant will be responsible for monitoring the review cycle and assuring that FSS/PPSs are reviewed according to that cycle.

    2. At the beginning of each month the Executive Assistant will determine which FSS/PPSs are due for review and will notify the responsible person. The Executive Assistant will access the current official PPS on the FSS website. The reviewer should suggest any changes in the PPS that the reviewer deems appropriate.

    3. Any individual may suggest updating, revision, and cancellation of FSS/PPSs by filing the suggestion through appropriate administrative channels to the VPFSS. The reviewer will submit any revisions to the VPFSS and the reasons for updating, revision, or cancellation should be made explicit in the memorandum that initiates the review process.

    4. Should a significant modification of an FSS/PPS be required, a new “issue number” with the same PPS number will be prepared and issued and the current issue of the PPS will be discarded.

    5. When suggested changes to the PPS are minor, the issue number and effective date will stay the same only the revised date will be updated to reflect the month and year of revision.

    6. Any revisions should be submitted to the VPFSS for review. Upon the VPFSS review, the Executive Assistant will disseminate the draft PPS to Extended Business Services Council for review for five working days.

    7. If comments are received, the Executive Assistant will be forward the comments to the reviewer for consideration. Any additional revisions will be forwarded to the VPFSS for approval.

    8. If no comments are received, the final FSS/PPS will be routed for signatures.

    9. Upon receipt of all appropriate signatures, the PPS will be posted on the FSS website.


    1. Following approval of a new or revised PPS by the VPFSS, notification of the release of the official PPS will be made in the following manner.

      1. All new or revised official PPSs will be placed on the next available BSC agenda.

      2. An electronic copy of the official PPS will be posted on the FSS Policies website.

      3. An official signed copy will be retained in the VPFSS Office.

    2. The current official version of the PPS will be the latest version posted to the FSS website.


    1. Each Business Services Council Director shall implement within his/her department or office written policies in order to document departmental procedures. The format of the FSS/PPS system may be used, but not required.

    1. Reviewers of this PPS include the following:

      Position Date
      Executive Assistant June 1 E4Y

    This PPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State Finance and Support Services policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Executive Assistant; senior reviewer of this PPS

    Vice President for Finance and Support Services