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AA/PPS 03.01.02 - Limited Submissions for Certain Sponsored Programs

Limited Submissions for Certain Sponsored Programs

AA/PPS No. 03.01.02 (5.14)
Issue No. 1
Effective Date: 6/09/2015
Next Review Date: 4/01/2019 (E4Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Director, Sponsored Programs


    1. Many funding agencies place limits on the number of proposals or applications that any one university may submit in response to a funding solicitation. In order to prevent any potential disqualification of submissions by Texas State University, the following policy has been established. This policy applies to all sponsored programs. If the Office of the Associate Vice President for Research (OAVPR), Office of Research Development (ORD) or Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) receives fewer than the allowed number of planned submissions, the normal process for submission will be followed. If OAVPR, ORD or OSP receives more than the allowed number of planned submissions, the process described below will be used to determine which proposal(s) will be submitted on behalf of the university.

    1. Limited Submission - A limitation placed by the funder on the number of proposals which can be submitted for consideration of funding under a specific sponsored program.

    1. This policy sets the procedure to be followed when a sponsored program contains a limit on the number of proposals that can be submitted by Texas State University. The procedure is activated when a Principal Investigator (PI), Chair, Director, Dean, or any OAVPR staff becomes aware of an upcoming limited submission opportunity.

    1. This policy only covers funding opportunities from public (Federal, State, and Local) entities. For limited submission opportunities from foundations, corporations or other private sponsors, clearance for submission must be approved by University Advancement (UA). UA reserves the option to make selections based on identified University priorities.

    2. There are certain instances when limited submission opportunities fall under the domain of a specific administrative unit (Dean/VP). In these special cases, the administrative unit will have the first right of refusal for proposal submission and/or must endorse a proposal prior to submission.

    3. In instances where OAVPR discovers that a solicitation is limited less than six weeks prior to sponsor deadline, ORD may conduct an expedited internal competition or select proposals on a first come, first served basis depending on time to deadline and program requirements.


    1. ORD shall maintain a non-exhaustive list of common limited submission opportunities with approximate sponsor deadlines. Approximately 12 weeks prior to the anticipated sponsor deadline or upon release of an official funding solicitation ORD staff shall disseminate a call for letters of intent (LOI) to the Deans for distribution to relevant unit heads and/or faculty.

    2. For opportunities not on the common list, a call for LOI shall be disseminated by ORD upon discovery of the limited submission requirements.

    3. When a PI that discovers a solicitation they plan to pursue is a limited submission, the PI must inform ORD of the limit. ORD will disseminate a call for LOI upon notification.


    1. A PI seeking to submit a proposal in response to a limited submission opportunity must submit a letter of intent to by 5:00 PM on the date specified by a the internal call for LOI.

      1. The LOI shall consist of the following (single-spaced, 10 pt or higher font, one-inch margins):

        1. Title of opportunity and application type if applicable (ie. NSF MRI-acquisition proposal, USDA HSI ED-cooperative proposal etc.)

        2. A list of names, departments, and contact information for all identified investigators.

        3. A one-page description of the proposed project and how it meets the solicitation requirements.

        4. A 1/2 page describing how this project will meet department, college, University and/or research strategic plans.

        5. A 1/2 page broader impact statement

        6. 2 page NSF, NEH, NEA or NIH formatted CV for each investigator on the project

    2. It shall be the responsibility of ORD to forward all information received to the Dean(s) for internal review.


    1. If all LOIs received are from a single college, it shall be the Dean’s responsibility to conduct the review and selection process and inform ORD of the selection(s). The method for this evaluation process shall be left to the discretion of each dean.

    2. If LOIs are received from multiple colleges, It shall be the responsibility of each college dean to rank, prioritize, or otherwise indicate his/her preference of proposals to be submitted. The selection(s) made at the college level are only recommendation(s) to the OAVPR. The method for this evaluation process shall be left to the discretion of each dean.

    3. The Dean of each college shall notify the OAVPR of the project(s) ranking within his/her college with a summary synopsis detailing the selected project(s) by the announced college review deadline.

    4. The OAVPR will make final selection of the white paper(s) to be submitted based on college rankings, how well the project supports the University strategic plan, and potential for a positive impact on the University.

    5. The OAVPR will then notify all parties of the white papers selected for submission with a copy to OSP.

    6. Upon notification of selection, the selected PI shall initiate a proposal in PropStart and follow procedures outlined in AA/PPS No. 03.01.01, Contracts and Grants of An Academic Nature.


    1. Reviewers of this PPS include the following:

      Position Date
      Director, Sponsored Programs April 1 E4Y

    This PPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State Academic Affairs policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Director, Sponsored Programs; senior reviewer of this PPS

    Associate Vice President for Research