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AA/PPS 01.02.30 - Council of Academic Deans

Council of Academic Deans

AA/PPS No. 01.02.30 (1.06)
Issue No. 2
Effective Date: 6/24/2019
Next Review Date: 9/01/2022 (E3Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Associate Provost


    1. The Council of Academic Deans (CAD) functions as a part of the academic policy advising system within the university’s division of Academic Affairs. The purpose of CAD is to provide advice to the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs (VPAA). Through the provost and VPAA, CAD also provides advice to the President’s Cabinet and the president.

    2. CAD reviews and advises the provost and VPAA on various matters including, but not limited to, university policies, academic policies, faculty issues, personnel policies and procedures, academic programs, and budget and resource allocation. Topics considered by CAD may originate in a college council, the Council of Chairs, the Faculty Senate, or other venues, and such topics will not ordinarily be forwarded beyond the provost and VPAA until after CAD has been consulted.


    1. CAD membership comprises the dean of each academic college, including the dean of the University College, the dean of The Graduate College, and the dean of the Honors College, and the following ex officio members: the associate provost, the associate vice president for Academic Affairs, the associate vice president for Research and director of Federal Relations, the associate vice president for Enrollment Management & Marketing, the associate vice president for Institutional Effectiveness, the assistant vice president for Academic Services, the assistant vice president for Academic Affairs, the chair of the Faculty Senate, the chair of the Council of Chairs, and the Presidential Fellow.

    2. When members of CAD cannot attend a meeting, they are encouraged to send an alternate who is authorized to represent the college or other group in the discussions of agenda items and other matters.


    1. Each CAD member will hold the time period between 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. each Tuesday for CAD meetings. The provost and VPAA may adjust this meeting schedule as deemed necessary.

    2. Each academic year, the provost and VPAA will invite the Faculty Senate and the Council of Chairs to meet with CAD for a discussion of issues of mutual concern. The joint meeting schedule includes:

      1. Fall – joint Faculty Senate, Council of Chairs and CAD; and

      2. Spring – joint Faculty Senate and CAD.

      Additional meetings may be arranged as deemed necessary. The agendas for these meetings will be assembled jointly by the chairs of the Faculty Senate and Council of Chairs and the provost and VPAA. Records of these meetings will be the responsibility of staff in the provost and VPAA’s office. Minutes of the meetings will be distributed to the Faculty Senate, the Council of Chairs, and CAD.

    3. CAD meetings include only the regular and ex officio members of the council, or their designees, plus others who are invited by the provost and VPAA.

    4. CAD meetings will be chaired by the provost and VPAA, or designee. The provost and VPAA, or designee, may cancel regular meetings and call special meetings as needed.

    5. When needed, the president, other administrators, or faculty will be invited to meet with CAD to review opportunities, problems, and developments in their areas.


    1. CAD meeting agendas will normally be distributed via email on the Friday preceding each Tuesday meeting. Members asking for items to be placed on the printed agenda should suggest the item to staff in the provost and VPAA’s office via email before 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday of the preceding week. Members will also have the opportunity to introduce new topics at the meetings.

    1. A summary of key action items from each CAD meeting will normally be distributed via email to CAD members within three business days of each CAD meeting.

    1. Reviewer of this PPS includes the following:

      Position Date
      Associate Provost September 1 E3Y

    This PPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State Academic Affairs policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Associate Provost; senior reviewer of this PPS

    Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs