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AA/PPS 01.02.10 - Role of the Academic Dean

Role of the Academic Dean

AA/PPS No. 01.02.10 (1.09)
Issue No. 1
Effective Date: 8/06/2014
Next Review Date: 11/01/2019 (E5Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Provost


    1. Academic Deans are the chief executives of their college and major academic officers of the University. To be effective, Deans must operate within a university organizational structure that clearly communicates the fundamental importance of academic concerns. They are leaders in the formulation of appropriate departmental, college, and university policy and are responsible for the implementation of that policy. The Deans meet as the Council of Academic Deans (as defined in PPS1.06) and have responsibility for leadership in matters of curriculum, instruction, and academic policy.

    2. Deans should be informed and given an opportunity to offer recommendations on policy decisions under consideration by other divisions of the University when those decisions will have either a direct or an indirect impact on academic issues.

    3. The role of college dean is defined through a consideration of the responsibilities of dean at University, division, and college levels.

      1. University Responsibilities

        1. Deans are expected to cooperate with each other to promote the goals of the University.

        2. Deans are expected to participate with the Provost in the development of academic standards and support those standards in all interactions with department chairs, faculty, students, and staff.

        3. The Council of Academic Deans should be informed concerning policy decisions under consideration in other divisions of the University which will have a direct or indirect impact on academic issues. Deans should be afforded an opportunity to offer recommendations on those policy matters.

        4. Deans are expected to accept responsibility for administering university policy.

        5. Deans are expected to encourage and support appropriate innovation and change.

        6. Deans are expected to know the priorities of the Provost and the President and help implement those priorities.

      2. Academic Affairs Division Responsibilities

        1. Academic Policies Function

        2. The Academic Deans are members of the Council of Academic Deans, which functions as a part of the academic policy-making system in the Academic Affairs division of the University.

        3. Academic Personnel Policies Function

        4. The Council of Academic Deans shall review and recommend revisions to faculty personnel policies

        5. Academic Programs Function

        6. The Council of Academic Deans will recommend approval or disapproval of proposed changes to academic programs.

        7. Academic Budgeting Function

          The Council of Academic Deans provides general advice to the Provost concerning academic budgets.

      3. College Level Responsibilities

        The role of the college dean may also be defined through a listing of direct and indirect responsibilities within their own colleges.

        Direct Responsibilities

        1. facilitate the formulation and implementation of academic policies;

        2. establishing educational direction, including priorities;

        3. serving as chief fiscal agent by supervising school, department, and program budgets by monitoring, reviewing, and authorizing all expenditures;

        4. providing the professional and academic leadership for their colleges;

        5. representing their colleges to other colleges and all other units within the University;

        6. representing their colleges with the various constituencies of the University and develop contacts and relationships with business and government leaders and outside organizations;

        7. recommending, approving, and supervising curricular and program development;

        8. recommending faculty for recruitment, appointment, graduate faculty status, tenure and promotion, and merit performance and equity raises;

        9. supervising faculty evaluation;

        10. certifying undergraduate college candidates for graduation;

        11. supervising and approving degree outlines and degree summaries;

        12. overseeing College Academic Advising Centers;

        13. ensuring the accuracy and quality of all publications that originate within their colleges;

        14. ensuring appropriate levels of scholarly research, excellent teaching, and service in the context of faculty workloads;

        15. recruiting appropriate and qualified staff to maintain appropriate and efficient support and administrative services in college offices; and

        16. ensuring appropriate balance of enrollments among Undergraduates, Masters, and Doctoral Students.

        Indirect Responsibilities

        1. facilitating faculty and staff development;

        2. recruiting, advising, and assisting students in achieving their objectives within the University and colleges;

        3. achieving and maintaining appropriate accreditations for academic programs within their colleges and the University;

        4. planning, in cooperation with the Finance and Support Services division, all new and renovated facilities within their colleges; and

        5. maintaining quality control in all aspects of their college’s academic programs and related activities.


    1. Reviewers of this PPS include the following:

      Position Date
      Provost November 1 E5Y

    This PPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State Academic Affairs policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Provost; senior reviewer of this PPS