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FSS/PPS 04.05 - On-Call Procedures

On-Call Procedures

FSS/PPS No. 04.05 (04.04.05)
Issue No. 5
Effective Date: 2/01/2016
Next Review Date: 9/01/2018 (E2Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Associate Vice President for Facilities; Associate Vice President for Finance and Support Services Planning


    1. This FSS/PPS establishes the procedures for On-Call response in the Finance and Support Services Division, primarily for the Facilities Department and Parking Services.

    2. This FSS/PPS also establishes the basis for On-Call Compensation to provide payment for employees, who are scheduled to respond to calls after regular work hours, on weekends, holidays, and energy conservation (EC) days.


    1. An employee who is on-call must be available for recall for the entire on-call period for which the employee is being compensated. Being on-call requires that the employee be available to immediately respond to a call-back. During the call-back period the employee must remain fit to perform the required duties of their position. Failure to respond to a call-back may result in disciplinary action.

    2. Most on-call employees will be on-call either all week or weekends only.

      1. Maintenance Shops: Duty for maintenance shops will be based on a “Weekly” on-call schedule. Employees will be on-call Monday through Friday from the end of the normal work day, 5 p.m. continue until 7 a.m. the next day. They will also be on-call from 7 a.m. Saturday to 7 a.m. Monday morning. Energy conservation (EC) days will be treated as normal work days. Holidays will be treated as a weekend day.

      2. Custodial Operations: On-call duty will be on “Weekend Only” and is scheduled from Friday at midnight to Sunday at Midnight.

      3. Parking Services: On-call duty will be a “Weekly” on-call schedule Monday through Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday. Energy conservation days will be treated as normal work days. Holidays will be treated as a weekend day.

    3. Each on-call employee will receive a special payment for the week they are on-call. “Weekly” on-call will be calculated at $12.00 per weekday (non-holiday or EC day) and $24.00 per day for Saturday, Sunday, or holiday. A normal week (no holidays) of on-call will be $108 (5 x $12 + 2 x $24). “Weekend Only” on-call employees will receive $48 (2 x $24).

    4. Employees will be reimbursed for mileage traveled using personal vehicles to respond to campus for call backs. Payment for mileage will be calculated at the standard State of Texas mileage rate. Employees may calculate the distance traveled either by odometer reading, or by calculating distance traveled by using MapQuest.

    5. If an employee is called back, the employee will begin logging hours when they arrive at the University, either straight time or overtime depending on whether or not forty hours of work will be achieved for the week. The employee will be compensated for a minimum of two hours of work if on campus for two hours or less. If on campus more than two hours the employee will be paid for the actual amount of time spent on campus.

    6. When called back a Facilities employee will report his or her presence to the Central Plant Control Room Operator at 512-245-2108. The employee will also keep the Control Room Operator apprised of the call-back work and report to Control Room Operator when departing campus. The Control Room Operator will maintain a log of call-backs including the time of the call-back, the nature of the call-back, and the name of the employee responding.

    7. Almost all calls for Parking Services are directly made to the cell phone carried by the employee and typically do not require a visit to campus; however, a Parking Services employee will report his or her presence to the Associate Director of Parking Services via email when it becomes necessary to come to campus.

    8. If a Facilities employee responding to an on-call request determines that additional help is needed, they will contact their shop’s supervisor to request assistance. If the supervisor is unavailable, the employee will contact the next person in the chain of command. They will continue to work their chain of command until they talk to someone to get guidance or assistance (example: shop supervisor, then Assistant/Associate Director, then Director, then Associate Vice President for Facilities).

    9. The Facilities employee will respond to the Control Room Operator or UPD dispatcher within fifteen (15) minutes, via telephone or push-to-talk device, and should be on campus within one hour (60 minutes) when responding in person on campus. If the on-call employee cannot be reached or does not respond to the Control Room Operator or Dispatcher within 15 minutes, the employee’s shop supervisor shall be called and notified. If the employee’s immediate shop supervisor is unavailable, the Assistant Director (if there is one) shall be notified. If the Assistant Director is unavailable, the Director shall be notified (see Facilities chain of command).

    10. If the designated on-call employee is sick, the supervisor will designate a replacement for that employee until the employee returns to full duty. The employee must keep his or her supervisor informed if at any time they are unable to fulfill their assigned on-call duties.

    11. The following shops will normally be on-call:

      1. Tech Services: 1 person all week

      2. Steam: 1 person all week

      3. Electric: 1 person all week

      4. Central Plant: 2 people all week

      5. Plumbing: 1 person all week

      6. HVAC: 1 person all week

      7. Structures: 1 person all week

      8. Custodial: 1 person on weekend

      9. Parking Services 1 person all week

      The Associate Vice President for Facilities and/or the Associate Vice President for Finance and Support Services Planning may designate additional staff to be on-call as required by special conditions such as anticipated severe weather.

    12. Supervisors of people on-call will maintain a rotation of on-call employees, taking into account the personal needs of the individual employees such as scheduled vacations and other personal matters. For safety reasons supervisors will only designate a person on-call when they are sufficiently familiar with campus operations for which they are expected to respond.

    13. Payment for on-call will be made at least monthly or more frequently as determined by the department by Personnel Change Request (PCR).


    1. Reviewers of this PPS include the following:

      Position Date
      Associate Vice President for Facilities September 1 E2Y
      Associate Vice President for Finance and Support Services Planning September 1 E2Y

    This PPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State Finance and Support Services policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Associate Vice President for Facilities; co-senior reviewer of this PPS

    Associate Vice President for Finance and Support Services Planning; co-senior reviewer of this PPS

    Vice President for Finance and Support Services