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AA/PPS 02.02.20 - Schedule Changes, Drops, and Withdrawals

Schedule Changes, Drops, and Withdrawals

AA/PPS No. 02.02.20 (4.09)
Issue No. 1
Effective Date: 5/07/2014
Next Review Date: 6/01/2018 (E4Y)
Sr. Reviewer: University Registrar


    1. A schedule change is dropping a class, adding a class, or a combination of adding and dropping a class during the published “schedule change period.”

      1. Student initiated schedule changes originate with a request from the enrolled student by the student via the web.

      2. Administrative schedule changes originate with a request from a department chair to split a class or combine classes.

    2. A drop is a student initiated drop of a class after the published “schedule change period.”

    3. A withdrawal occurs when a student drops all classes and "withdraws from the university". Withdrawals are initiated by the student except for discipline or medical reasons when the appropriate university official may withdraw a student.


    1. Schedule changes are processed by the student via the web, during schedule change period.

    2. A student who wishes to drop all classes and withdraw from the University should be referred to the Office of the University Registrar website. The student must complete an Official Withdrawal Form to document the transaction.


    1. An Administrative Schedule Change enables one or more departments to change the student’s schedule.

    2. The department chair(s) must assure that the Administrative Schedule Change meets the following criteria.

      1. Classes to be added and dropped must be approved by all affected departments.
    3. The Administrative Course Change Form must be completed and filed with the Registrar no later than the census date.

      3 week session = 2 class days
      4 week session = 4 class days
      5 week session = 4 class days
      8 week session = 6 class days
      10 week session = 7 class days
      12 week session = 9 class days

      1. Each change must have the student’s signature before it will be processed.

      2. In the case of an off-campus class, contact the Registrar’s Office if an extension is required.

      3. All administrative Schedule Change forms processed after the census date must have documentation attached supporting the reason for late add or drop.


    1. If a student is listed on the census roster as "Never Attended", the Registrar’s Office will administratively drop the student from the course. The student will be notified of such action via email.

    2. If all of the student’s courses are listed as "Never Attended", the Registrar’s Office will administratively withdraw the student from all of their courses. The student will be notified of such action via email.

    3. In the event a student was listed in error as "Never Attended", the Registrar’s Office will update the census roster to “Attended” and reinstate the student back into the course(s).


    1. The student must initiate and complete the drop or withdrawal request during the Automatic “W” Drop/Withdrawal period which is the first 60 percent of any semester. The last day to drop will be the next working day after 60 percent of the specific semester has elapsed.

    2. To initiate a drop, the student must drop his/her class(es) via the web.

    3. Students dropping the only class in which they are enrolled, or all classes in which they are enrolled, should be referred to the Registrar’s Office or website to withdraw.

    4. If the drop/withdrawal is completed within the “Automatic W” period, a grade of “W” will be assigned. After the drop deadline, students will be unable to drop individual classes and will receive the grade earned in the course (see AA/PPS No. 02.03.12, Grades and Changes of Grades for a list of grades). (Costs will be refunded for withdrawals ONLY if the date falls within the published refund period as noted on the web).


    1. Dropping all classes: Withdrawals processed after the Automatic “W” period, but prior to the withdrawal deadline (2 weeks prior to the start of final exams for fall and spring semesters and 1 week prior to the start of final exams for summer terms) will be assigned a grade by the instructor during the grading process. The term “withdrawal” will appear as a note on the grade roster for the specific classes in which the student is enrolled at the time of withdrawal.

    2. Dropping one class: When students experience documented medical or similar emergencies which preclude completion of a class (such as a broken limb affecting completion of a “jogging class”), they may appeal with documentation to the chair or director of the department or college. The chair or director will review the documentation and forward to the Registrar a recommendation for or against dropping the course. If recommended to drop, the term “dropped” will appear on the grade roster for the specific class.

    3. If the student is passing the class on the official date of drop/withdrawal, a “W” grade will be assigned.

    4. If the student is failing the class on the date of drop/withdrawal, a “U” grade will be assigned.


    1. To initiate an appeal to drop a class or classes AFTER THE SEMESTER HAS ENDED the student must provide (a) a written letter of appeal and (b) documentation of extremely extenuating circumstances to the appropriate dean(s). Some colleges have a specific form or format for the letter of appeal and the documentation. If in the judgment of the appropriate dean, extremely extenuating circumstances do not exist the appeal will be denied.

    2. Dropping one class: To register a drop appeal involving less than the entire schedule of classes, the student must submit the documents described in paragraph 17 to the dean of each college in which the course is taught. Such appeals will be treated no differently than any other grade appeals, and each college dean will follow his/her college’s procedures for handling such grade appeals.

    3. Dropping all classes (withdrawal): To register an appeal to drop the entire semester’s schedule and withdraw from the university the student must submit the documents described in Section 06.02 to the college dean of the student’s major (or dean of General Studies for undeclared majors). This person is henceforth referred to as the dean. If, in the judgment of the dean, extremely extenuating circumstances exist, the dean will appoint a committee of three (or more) constituted as follows.

      1. An assistant dean, associate dean, or chair (other than the individual noted in (b) below) from the college of the student’s major. This person will serve as chair of the committee.

      2. The faculty member(s) of the course(s) involved. Such faculty who are unavailable will be represented by their chair or program coordinator.

    4. The committee recommends to the dean whether or not the documented extenuating circumstances warrant the assignment of “W” grades. The dean has the final decision.

    5. The dean will complete the “Change of Grade” forms(s) as referenced in AA/PPS No. 02.03.12, Grades and Changes of Grades, write “administrative” in the instructor and chair signature blanks, and forward the form(s), along with the committee report, to the Registrar’s Office.

    6. The dean will notify the student in writing of the results of the appeal.


    1. Students required to participate in active military service, including the National Guard, will be excused from attending classes or engaging in other required activities, including examinations.

      1. If the student wishes to withdraw, “W” grades will be assigned in all courses enrolled and tuition and fees paid by the student for the semester will be refunded.

      2. If the student wishes to complete currently enrolled courses, grades will be determined on a course-by-course basis. These students will not receive a refund of tuition and fees.

      3. If the student is away for a brief period (one class period or one week) faculty will excuse the absence and assist the student in making up any missed assignments or examinations. Prior to their departure or immediately upon their return to the university, the student must provide the faculty member with a copy of their military orders to validate the absence.

    2. When a student chooses to complete a class prior to the end of the semester, an instructor will, with the permission of the chair and dean, collect any projects and assignments as appropriate, give a final exam and assign the appropriate grade. In exceptional circumstances, with the permission of the chair and dean, some portion of the course assignments may be waived and a grade may be assigned, based on the work actually completed.

    3. When a student chooses to complete a class at a later date, “I” grades may be assigned. A written agreement outlining assignments to be completed and a time limit must be signed by the student. The chair will keep one copy of the agreement and forward one copy to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office will monitor time limits for conversion of the “I” to the final grade.

      1. Students will be allowed to complete assignments or take examinations from which they were excused within a reasonable time after the absence-one year following completion of active duty assignment.

      2. The maximum period for excused absences will be no more than 25% of the total number of class meetings (not including final examination period) for the specific course or courses in which the student is currently enrolled at the beginning of the period of active military service.

      3. The course syllabus or instructional plan in effect at the time the student was enrolled in class will be used during the completion of the course.

      4. The instructor will be responsible for the retention of a student’s course work and grades completed before student was called to active military service.

      5. Students who fail to satisfactorily complete assignments or examinations within the required timeframe, one year following the completion of active duty assignment, will receive a final letter grade of “F.”

      6. Students have the right to appeal to the departmental chair if a dispute regarding excused military absences occurs.

    4. The student will provide the Registrar’s Office a copy of military orders; however, a copy of the orders is not required before the student leaves.


    1. Reviewers of this PPS include the following:

      Position Date
      University Registrar June 1 E4Y

    This PPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State Academic Affairs policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    University Registrar; senior reviewer of this PPS

    Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing